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Meet Val

Founding Director of Mustard Seed Faith and Vice Chairman of Anything Helps

Meet Val

Val M Floyd is a dedicated and compassionate leader who brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to her role as Vice President of Anything Helps. With a Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, a Certificate in Grief and Trauma, and a Certificate in being a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Val has a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by individuals and communities impacted by the opioid epidemic.

Val's professional background includes extensive experience in the mental health field, where she has worked in various positions for over 12 years. She has served as an EMT and currently works as a Certified Nursing Assistant, providing hands-on care and support to those in need. Val is also the Founding Director of Mustard Seed Faith, an organization that offers spiritual guidance and support to individuals on their recovery journey.

With a passion for continued growth and learning, Val is currently positioned to pursue a Master's in Nursing and is also focusing on obtaining her LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor) certification. Her vision for a future where every community can experience resilient recovery is at the heart of Anything Helps' mission, and her tireless efforts are helping to make that vision a reality.

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