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Meet Kesha

Executive Director of FAME and Secretary for Anything Helps

Meet Kesha

My name is Takesha Deadwyler. CPRSR-S.

I am an Onboarding & Training Peer Recovery Specialist Supervisor. I started as a Peer Recovery Specialist assisting my clients in their recovery journey by mentoring, advocating, and promoting self-empowerment as well as self-care/wellness. I am a loving and intelligent God-fearing woman that wants to see everyone grow and prosper in life.

I worked as a Human Resources Specialist for over 20 years but my whole life changed a few years ago, and since then, I have dedicated my life to assisting people battling substance abuse and domestic violence.

I am also the Executive Director of FAME, which aids families faced with Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence by providing programming and services that aid in self-sufficiency, stabilization, and essential human and health service.

I am also a participant of the EBC Cohort, which is an 18-month journey of learning, building relationships, and innovating real dismantling systemic racism strategies in the areas of health, economics, safety and life essential resources (i.e. housing and food).

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